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At Stonevary, desired stones can be tracked and cut to size for your private or commercial projects. ‎

We can either use our own quarry materials or track any desired stone various from our factory to your house, resort / hotel, or yacht. 

We select the blocks from the quarries and track your material all the way to your home. We also provide quality products and use the latest stone cutting technologies along with years of knowledge and industry experience to custom design any project.  We are ready for your projects with our own CNC Router, CNC Bridge saw,  Bridge saw, Inline Edge machines, Face polish machines, CNC Waterjet Machines and a team of engineers and architects devoted to project work, Stonevary has the ability to provide cut-to-size marble, granite, onyx, quartzite and quartz.

We use the latest stone cutting technologies to ensure that your finished product is sophisticated and elegant. Stonevary has the ability to provide cut-to-size natural stone for all complicated projects ranging from residential to sophisticated commercial projects. Our years of experience in the industry has allowed us to understand every aspect of the marble and granite business.  With an average of 10 years in the commercial furniture industry, you can trust that we’ve encountered most everything. Give us a call, we’re ready to help.

The Projects by Stonevary has been supplying the world’s most prestigious projects on time and on budget. Our experienced team, global supply chain, multiple distribution centers, and scale by volume ensure delivering the best stone products for your next project.

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