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Marble Slab Supplier

Marble adds value to your home, considerable as an investment as well. Marbles beauty, superior natural characteristics, as well as the ease of maintenance make it a popular choice for countertops, floors, fireplaces, showers, thresholds, tub decks, vanities, walls, and windowsills. Marble and Granite have the same level of   cleanability as engineered stone. (Based on a 2006 study by the Hospitality Institute of  Technology and Management.)

Marble makes it more unique withholding the availability in broad range of colors, patterns and designs. No other stone looks as elegant and beautiful as marble. Marble allows a very smooth finish and when polished, it shines. Under the exposer of sunlight, it glows and changes the atmosphere around the room. Marble can be easily cut in exact dimensions as well as can be molded, shaped, etc. The marble joints in tiles can be easily matched. It is completely eco-friendly material as no chemical process is involved in during manufacturing. Also, it is completely durable and lasting long material. Marble is very suitable for high traffic areas such as restaurants, hotels, etc. Resistance to fire is its in nature.

Shape: Polished, Matt, Ardesia Polished, Leathered

Type: Block, Slab & Tile

Where To Use? 
Floors, foyers, fireplaces, furniture,,showers, thresholds, tub decks, vanities, walls & windowsills,  foyers, bathrooms, floors, fireplaces 

Granite: Welcome

Marble Slabs & Tiles

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