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Colorado Red Onyx

Colorado Red Onyx

SKU: SN-colorado

Average Slab Size: 77 inch x 88 inch (195 cm x 224 cm)
Thickness: 2cm (0.79 inch) or 3 cm (1.2 inch)

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The appearance and color of onyx change with the variations in light. 

  • Description

    Red onyx can be used for  walls, light fixtures, water features and sculptures, tables etc.  Application areas of onyx is commercial areas like reception, bars, walls; and house like entr?e tables, bathrooms etc.  Onyx has been extremely effective in highlighting lobbies, bar areas and bathrooms and works wonders as sinks and desks. The look you can achieve by using onyx is your home is indeed one of a kind. Onyx transmits light, therefore make sure you know where your making use of it to get the best out of it. Onyx is something which can never go out of trend. It is believed to collect positive energy and protect the home and the people giving away all the negativity. They are not just sources of positive energy, they are also very stylish and unique. So take the Onyx Plunge and feel good about it.

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